About Us

So happy you’re here in my little space of the internet! I’m Dallas. Yepp, like the city. Nope, I’m not from Texas ;) I hope to meet you in person one day soon and serve you a yummy cup of coffee! That’s the very reason I started this business, I love to meet new people & I truly delight in serving. Coffee is such a tasty means of connecting. As we interact, my hope is that you will feel seen and known as a person, not just a customer or client. I hope to come along side of you and create something beautiful.

This coffee cart is a sweet step in the direction of a dream that’s been in my heart since I was a teenager, which is having a coffee shop of my own. Starting my coffee journey in the catering arena is such a special way to broaden my horizon & create community in a way that is unique and versatile. Our reach is much further as we’re not tied down to one location. However, the caliber of our equipment allows us to bring café quality coffee wherever we please! Though one day we hope to have a cozy home base, right now we’re kicking it in the catering world & are loving it! If you have any event in Charleston, Summerville, or the surrounding areas we'd love to be a part. Cheers!